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We implement and consolidate your business in Brazil as a partner.

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Tropicalizing Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have been missing opportunities not looking at Latin American markets in the right moment.

This happens because, usually, they are focusing on their own local operations and prioritizing European and Asian markets.

As a result, startups end up missing opportunities, whilst copycats come first and take over the local market. When the time comes, often it is “too late” for them to start “tropicalizing” their business.

How do we do it?



Customize the original business model using a proven successful framework structured to tackle every step on the tropicalization process. At this point, we also plan our temporary partnership.
Here, the parties must be mutually bound and agree to the terms of a contract, delimitating criterias to reach the expected results and the best way to conclude it.



Once the planning is validated following tropicalization skills, our team will launch, test and improve the model, build up a scalable structure in Brazil, assuring the local presence and diminishing the threat of a copycat effect.


Consolidation and Exit

We consider the business model consolidated when it reaches the KPI’s for annual revenue or a time period pre-agreed on the first step. Now, we are ready to exit the business and return it to its original founder, this time too, based on pre-agreed terms conditioned to our success.

RISK (almost) FREE: Initial investment self-funded

Who is it for?

We are not fit for all startups.

Startups that we are looking to grow with us are the ones that have an efficient solution for an existent problem applicable to Brazil and are in the right development stage.

It is part of our job to identify the cultural and market barriers and solutions to the business, improving the chances of success.

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Who can do it?


Andre Cavalanti

Andre Cavalanti - CEO

Bachelor in Business Administration by Universidade Mackenzie - Sao Paulo, SP – Brazil. Managed and Directed for 6 years the operation of one of the biggest trading companies in Brazil.

Self-made entrepreneur with experience in growing new businesses from idea, prototyping, validation, following Stanford Embark Frameworks throughout the entire venture journey from startup to a real and fully operating enterprise.

With Scaleforce, his role is to manage and lead the team on creation, planning, implementation and integration of each venture strategy.

Raquel Camargo

Raquel Camargo - Head of Marketing

Raquel Camargo has been working for more than 10 years with Digital Marketing and Communications. Already ran projects in Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brazil, etc. Ran her own marketing consultancy agency and has worked as a University Professor. She is journalist, studied a Master’s Degree in Languages Studies researching Social media. Also, she has certifications in Behaviour Analysis, Design Thinking, and International Trade. Raquel is Adwords Google Partner since 2013 and is Social Data Analytics Award Winner in Brazil.

With Scaleforce, her mission is to lead team strategy and to make sure that the businesses marketing communications promote the right message.

Luis Leão

Luís Leão - Head of IT

Luis Leao co-organizes São Paulo’s chapter for Google Developer Groups initiative. Is developer and works with interactive projects and art installations who uses connected devices.

With Scaleforce, his mission is to bring innovations and deliver fantastic IT solutions for our business

Marcella Sanches

Marcella Sanches - SEO Manager

Marcella Sanches is an experienced SEO specialist. Responsible for define the vision, strategy, and OKRs of SEO and performance products.

With Scaleforce, her mission is to rank amazingly our business on search engines and grow business over SEO.

Board Members

Marcello Rachlyn

Marcello Rachlyn - Mentor / Founder

Marcello S Rachlyn – Bachelor of Electronic Engineering by PUC/RJ, specialist in high-growth businesses by Babson College – Boston, USA. Stanford GSB Executive Education Ignite, Business Strategy and AIP alumni.

Natural-born entrepreneur, founded his first company in 1996. Currently holds the position of CEO for his most successful entrepreneurship, a forensic laboratory with an innovative approach for drug tests that has become the largest one in Brazil.

With Scaleforce, his mission is to assist our ventures to overcome barriers, set goals, develop contacts, raise resources and build their strategies.


Rodrigo Tostes

Bachelor in Law by Universidade Candido Mendes and Stanford and Harvard Executive Education Programs alumni. Regular guest lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business. In recent had worked as CFO for ThyssenKrup do Brasil, held both CCO and CFO positions on the Brazilian Olympic Committee (2013-2016).

With Scaleforce, his mission is to prospect business opportunities from the USA.


Rubens Proença - Lawyer

Graduated in 2005 in Law from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Master in Law (LLM) by Universidade Catolica Portuguesa and International Tax by Leiden University, Holland. Expert in Practical Aspects of International Tax Planning acknowledged by the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD). Professionally was partner at Motta Fernandes Rocha Advogados and is currently partner at Cantidiano Advogados.

At Scaleforce, acts primarily with corporate law, M&A, contracts, foreign investments and tax law.

Sergio Povoa

Sérgio Póvoa- Human Resources Mentor

Graduated in Business Administration from UGF, Master in Business Administration by FGV and Executive Education degree by Fundação Dom Cabral.

With over 25 years of experience in HR, he is a specialist in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Culture and Employee Engagement Strategies for startups. Has developed projects in big companies such as Unilever, General Electric, Johnson Wax and Souza Cruz. He is current position is CRHO at OLX.

With Scaleforce, his mission is to develop the best practices to Talent Acquisition and operations, workforce planning and optimization.

Why partner with us?

  • Own investment
  • Trustworthy
  • Hands-on
  • We know the local market
  • We know the Brazilian mindset
  • We also know the international mindset (our team is highly qualified, has multicultural and international experiences)
  • Value the original idea
  • Bring innovative ideas
  • Two-way street (We have partners in Palo Alto, alumni from Stanford University and we enjoy exchanging ideas)

What we are doing now

We are currently building and improving Scaleforce’s business model, in the meantime our team is working on the following entrepreneurships:

Count on us to develop your Brazil Entrepreneurial journey



+55 (11) 3231-5853


Praça Dom José Gaspar, 134 – Conjunto 103;

República – São Paulo/SP

CEP 01047-912